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By michalpolak - Posted on 09 Červenec 2009

What is Kosmo Klub z.s.?

Kosmo Klub z.s. is a civil association of space enthusiasts

The purposes of Kosmo Klub z.s. are:

  • informing about cosmonautics and advertise it
  • supporting cosmonautics both locally and worldwide
  • helping all members of the club in their cosmonautic activities
  • coordinating the cooperation on specific projects
  • inspiring and involving people interested in our activities
  • providing entertainment and self-actualization for our member

The primary goals for Kosmo Klub z.s. are:

  • organizing meetings of all space enthusiasts
  • drawing attention to cosmonautics and its results
  • cooperating with the Czech Space Organisation
  • financial and organizational support for amateur space projects
  • preparing conferences about cosmonautics
  • purchasing and distribution of materials and instruments related to
  • cosmonautics

  • supporting the Kosmo Klub o.s. web page
  • personal education of the club members


e-mail: klub(c)


Hackerova 793/5
Praha 8
Czech Rep.